Grow Lights

Bring the green-giving magic of the sun indoors with grow lights! Our wide selection of indoor products allows you to choose the right system for your needs and budget, be it a simple fluorescent set-up or a reflector, ballast, high-intensity discharge bulb package.

We make it easy to match the correct bulbs with the necessary ballasts. Examples?

A 400 watt HPS bulb will only work with a 400 watt HPS ballast (or 400 watt convertible ballast).

• A Metal Halide bulb must be used with MH ballasts (or convertible ballasts) of the same wattage.

• Conversion bulbs provide added flexibility and can be used with either type of ballast.

 We also carry cool-operating air cooled reflectors and all the hanging accessories as well as cable, connection and ventilation supplies you’ll need to garden year round!

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