Growing Media

Hydroponic growing typically produces larger plants faster than soil, but is more exacting and less forgiving. More oxygen is trapped in soilless or hydroponic growing media than soil, which aids in uptake of nutrients by root hairs. The mixes and media we offer in this section are for both soil and soilless growing. All are extremely popular and work very well for indoor gardening.

pebbles and coco coir

Chose Grodan® because…

  • plants grow faster (than in peat mixes)
  • less media needed per plant
  • unparalleled tech support
  • no nutrient blockage
  • lightweight with no messy clean up




We’ve got the right soil mix for every use! Many are organic, all feature great drainage and air retention, some are designed for heavy feeders or include growth stimulating ingredients like mycorrhizae inoculants and beneficial microbe nutrients. Whether you’re growing winter greens, raising orchids, houseplants, or kitchen herbs; or potting indoor cacti and succulents, you’ll find a formulation that best for you.

soil and peat

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