Eye Hortilux PowerVEG T5 Grow Light

Looking to grow bigger, better plants? PowerVEG T5 grow lights can be the key to better overall plant growth.

What PowerVEG Does for Your Plants
•Promotes extreme photosynthesis for faster growth
•Creates a stronger root system
•Enables easy transition from indoor veg to outdoor flowering
•Develops stronger healthier vegetative plants that will produce higher yields and higher quality crops
•Creates faster producing yields, vivid colors, more flowering and better tasting crops

Why PowerVEG is Like No Other T5 Grow Light
Other companies focus on Kelvin temperatures that have no impact on plant growth. PowerVEG is different because it:
•Is the first and only T5 grow light to incorporate a full, broad spectrum and UVA and UVB light, both of which are important for strong, healthy plant growth (UVA = 315nm – 400nm : UVB = 280nm – 315nm).
•Has the exclusive EYE HORTILUX spectrum.
•Is the only T5 grow light made in the USA!!!


•PowerVEG can be used in any existing T5 54W HO lighting fixture.

Recommend Light Cycles
•If running 24 hours ON with standard T5, reduce cycle to 19 hours when using 100% PowerVEG.
•When using a 50% PowerVEG/50% standard T5 light mix – NO CHANGE in light cycle necessary.
•When using an 18 hour ON cycle or less – NO CHANGE in light cycle necessary regardless of lamp mix.

Recommended Height Above Canopy:
•The recommended height above the canopy of plants should be between 8”-16”. The optimal height is 12”.