Advanced Garden Center is excited to introduce Mills Nutrients to our line of premium plant foods for hydroponics, coco, & soil applications. Produced and bottled in Holland, Mills nutrients is one of the most complete and yet simple nutrient lines on the market. The whole line consists of just an A + B two part and 3 additional additives, they are used consecutively for transitioning a plant quickly from an aggressive growth vegetative cycle to facilitating rapid flower sites, bulking and ripening.

Basis A + B

  • Improves absorption of nutrients
  • Stimulates photosynthesis
  • Enhances cell division and celstrek
  • Optimizes the transport of water and nutrients
  • Provides vitality and improves yield
  • Restricts the use of pesticides
  • Provides essential trace elements
  • Stimulates the immune system

There is also another thing that makes this product unique in that it is a complex blend of synthetic nutrient salts as well as organic compounds so your crop gets a very well rounded diet of bio mineral based elements that have been tested thoroughly in both large production greenhouses and hobbyist alike.

Basis A+B

The A + B contain all of your essential micro and macro nutrients in a synthetic form of highly available and easily absorbable salts, and is effective in all media based whether its coco, soil, or hydroponics. Basis A + B are derived from high quality sources of NPK. It also contains red iron which is a much easier form plants can absorb. Most nutrients contain yellow iron which is a cheaper source than red iron, and is not as easy to absorb. Basis A + B also contain higher then normal amounts of Calcium and Magnesium than other nutrients on the market.


  • Fast and strong development of roots
  • Promotion of plant growth and vitality
  • Improvement of media structure ad nutrient uptake
  • Rapid recovery from transplant shock
  • Provides vitality and improves yield


Start-R is a very strong biostimulant that is derived from an organic source of sea weed humic and fulvic acids, extremely soluble forms of nitrogen, and amino acids /plant hormones. This additive is used in the beginning through the first 2 weeks of flower for increased branching and root development


  • Quicker more abundant fruit set
  • Promotion of plant growth and vitality
  • Increased oil and sugar production
  • Development of denser, harder and heavier fruit and flowers

Use a 4 ml to 8 ml per 1 gallon starting week 2 of Bloom thru week 6. C4 will make your bloom EXPLODE! Compatible with all growing medium and watering methods


C4 is introduced in the 2nd week of the blooming stage and is guaranteed help facilitate rapid flower development using a unique blend of macro and micro nutrients, trace minerals and carbohydrates. The result is noticeable increased amounts of fruit sets, with dense uniform development, and high levels of oil and aroma production. It helps your plants move sugars and other important amino acids to feed young forming flowering sites. This additive also contains organic plant hormones that give it the hard push it needs as it enters the late stages of flowering.

Ultimate PK Boost

  • Larger and harder fruit and flowers with the best possible aroma and flavor

(Discontinue use of C4 when Ultimate PK is introduced). ULTIMATE PK is the “ultimate” bloom booster on the market today! Compatible with all growing medium and watering methods.

Ultimate PK Boost

Used in that last couple weeks of the flowering cycle to add extra weight and density to your flowers as they enter their final stages of maturity. It also helps clean out extra salts that develop though the growth cycle and gives your roots a deep flush before harvest. This PK booster contains highly absorbable mineral salts similar to what is found in other very costly PK boosters.

Mills feeding chart, its very user friendly and straight forward. They break it down into three different parts a light feeding, medium feeding and a heavy feeding program that contain information on how to use it and how much of it to use at what time though out the plants life cycle. In conclusion Mills is a beginner friendly nutrient that will yield a professional result as long as your climate is appropriate for what ever it is you choose to grow with this line of nutrient.